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A Fresh Start

Accessible cooking resources for all.


A Fresh Start Adaptive Cookbook Kit

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Our adaptive cookbook kit makes cooking real-foods accessible to everyone!


  • 24 real-foods recipes (gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free!)

  • Educational Worksheets (safety, nutrition, and more)

  • Forward Chain Instructions

  • Pictured Steps (live-action images vs. illustrations)

  • Supportive Methods

  • Tools for Independence Progression

  • 3 Supportive Tools allowing individuals to start where they are and progress where preferred

  • And MORE


Our Mission

To make healthy cooking accessible to everyone.

We Provide:

  1. Real-food recipes
  2. Educational handouts
  3. Supportive tools
  4. Adaptive techniques

For individuals, professionals, and families. 

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FREE Resource Bundle!

The Healthfully Independent Resource Bundle includes:

  • Grocery List

  • Customizable Weekly Meal Plan

  • Clean Up Checklist

This functional bundle aims to support you and those you work with to plan, organize, and integrate yummy, healthy foods into life!

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