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A sneak peek!

A Fresh Start Adaptive Cookbook Kit

Our adaptive cookbook kit offers everyone the opportunity to access independence in cooking real-foods. By providing supportive and educational tools, this kit makes cooking at home or in group classes available to all abilities. Inside the kit, you’ll find:

  • 24 real-foods recipes (gluten, casein, and refined sugar free)

  • 1 laminated adapted recipe card and 1 laminated recipe card per recipe

  • 16 laminated educational worksheets and handouts (safety, nutrition, and more)

  • General forward chained instructions (steps are broken down)

  • Pictured steps in the adapted recipes

  • Estimated cost of each recipe to support budgeting skills and goals

  • Nutritional content of each recipe

  • 3 Supportive tools - allowing individuals to start where they are on all recipes

  • Links to instructional videos

  • Opportunities for independence, skill, and safety progression

  • Recipe categories include Breakfast, Snacks, Condiments, and Meals (6 recipes per category)

Recipe Booklets E-Doc Use Capabilities

  • Printing capabilities - print what you need when you need it

  • Use with any tablet

Who Can benefit from this Cookbook?

Anyone looking to build, rebuild, or maintain skills in cooking real foods. This includes, and is not limited to:

  • People with autism and other neurodiversities

  • People recovering from stroke or traumatic brain injury

  • People with I/DD

  • Youth developmental ages 5+ (with supervision for safety)

  • Parents and professionals interested in implementing real-foods cooking instruction, classes, opportunities, and workshops