Making Healthy Cooking Accessible.

Our method was created in effort to support individuals interested in three areas of cooking skills: Those areas include:

  • People who have the desire to build safe, cooking skills
  • Those looking to rebuild safe, cooking skills
  • People interested in maintaining safe, cooking skills

We provide three tiers of functional, supportive cooking guides. Each tier can be used on it's own to support varying levels of desired independence in cooking or as a tool to work towards a higher level of independence. Our full method can be found in or Cook-Workbooks and Workbooks for Professionals (coming soon!). A breakdown of the method involves:

  1. Real food recipes
  2. Pictured, support guides utilizing chunking and chaining techniques
  3. Three progressive tiers for working towards preferred levels of independence
  4. Safety levels, caution icons, and safety education
  5. FUNctional nutrition education
  6. Exposure to different foods

We hope you enjoy your own path or guiding others on their journey in becoming Healthfully Independent.



Serving people with (and professionals who work with those who have) neurodiversities (including autism) and special needs as well as seniors, children, and those recovering from stroke and brain injuries.