Say HI to Independence!

Independence And Health Are Rights For EVERYONE.

Healthfully Independent supports independence and health for everyone and uses cooking as a means to access this life skill.

Indepedence is happiness.
— Susan B. Anthony

Healthfully Independent supports health and independence by providing real-foods recipes and functional, supportive, and adaptive cooking materials. Using theoretic practices from therapeutic recreation and nutrition we've created the Healthfully Independent Method which supports cooking independence through repetition, pictured steps, forward chaining instruction, and resources supporting three stages of progress towards optimal independence for each individual's preference and ability.


We use photo images in supportive guides (Recipe Booklets). Photo images have shown to assist memory, learning, and independence; and, have shown to improve learning by 400%! Consumption of real-foods has been shown to support gut-brain connection, brain function, sleep, and overall physical and mental health. For people with autism, developmental disabilities, and those recovering from stroke and brain injuries this method is highly supportive for independence in the life skill of cooking. 

What We've Achieved

  • Implementing this innovative method for optimal learning, we've seen youth aged 8 - 17 and adults ages 18+ learn independence in preparing and cooking two healthy recipes after only 4 weeks in a 12 week pilot study.

  • Partnering with local agencies allows us to bring more opportunities for life skills independence in healthy cooking.

About the Founders

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Christine Devereaux

Christine Devereaux is a recreation therapist and therapeutic yoga instructor. She received her degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2009 and continuing education in related areas since.

Christine has been teaching adaptive cooking classes since 2007 and developing an accessible method of cooking since 2013 which, with the help of Veronica, has evolved into Healthfully Independent. Christine's professional efforts have been towards making health, wellness, and independence accessible to those with varying needs and abilities, and believes access to these key areas are rights everyone deserves.

She continues to question the status quo and logic of intervention approach and therapeutic modalities for those with varying needs and abilities, while creating solutions to bring about more purposeful impact toward individual outcomes related to life and independence.



Veronica Grengs

Veronica Grengs is a mother of two feisty and energetic little girls, and a certified personal trainer. She has a bachelors of science degree in Nutrition from Metropolitan State University of Denver and a bachelor of arts degree in Spanish from the University of Colorado Denver.

She comes from a long line or restauranteurs which she credits for her love of cooking and kitchen savviness. Veronica is passionate about leading and promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle and believes in individualized approaches for each person to thrive.